Msida shooting suspect and drug trafficker wanted by police

A shooting had occurred in Msida on 2 October, leaving a 39-year-old man wounded

The crime scene in Msida and Ricardo Ortega Espana (Photos: TVM/Police)
The crime scene in Msida and Ricardo Ortega Espana (Photos: TVM/Police)

Police said that they are looking for the man in picture in relation to investigations on drug trafficking and a shooting that occurred in Msida last October. The man, Ricardo Ortega Espana is a 32-year-old from Spain.

The man is wanted in connection with an argument that took place on 2 October in an apartment block in Triq Dijonisju Famucelli in Msida, at around 7:40pm. Blood splatter was found in the common area of the apartment block and against a door in the fifth storey of the building.

The Special Intervention Unit (SIU) was called to the scene to find the alleged perpetrator, suspected of having hidden somewhere in the block of apartments. Pointed weapons, which were likely used in the argument, and drug substances, were found at the scene.

A bullet was also found lodged in the pavement in front of the apartment block, with investigations establishing that a shot had been fired in the air during the argument.

The victim, a 31-year-old Libyan, was found in Birkirkara, with slight wounds to his head, the next day. A 39-year-old from Cuba, was arrested.

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