‘Society must be protected’ – magistrate on jealous lovers’ brawl

Court jails man for 18 months after admitting hitting another man with bottle.

John Calvert, 39 of Sliema, was jailed for 18 months for grievously injuring Anthony Spicer in Sliema.

Calvert was arraigned in court last week and remanded in custody, after pleading guilty for smashing a glass bottle in Spicer's face.

At the time of the incident, Spicer was in the company of Katarzyna Gajewska, a Polish national, with whom he was having a drink in an establishment on Tower Road, Sliema, at around 7pm.

The defence argued that in what he did, Calvert had been motivated by passion but acknowledged that this was still in excusable, saying Calvert should be spared imprisonment and instead be asked to carry out rehabilitation for drinking.

The court replied that considering the fact that accused had no regular employment or legitimate source of income, nor a fixed address in Malta, "the heinous nature of the crime committed and admitted to means the court has no alternative then an effective jail term."

"The way and manner in which he manifested and executed his passion is unacceptable in any civilised part of the world. An aggression, a violent act against a human being, and the infliction of grievous bodily harm, with no excusable factors in the equation, must be addressed with an effective punishment which will make the aggressor realise that such behaviour is not tolerated.

"Except for the guilty plea, the accused did not express any form of remorse for his actions, especially when one can conclude that his attack on Mr Spicer was unprovoked. Society needs to be protected. Justice is to be done," Magistrate Farrugia said.

Magistrate Ian Farrugia sentenced Calvert to 18 months' imprisonment.

Inspector Alexander Millo prosecuted.

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