Separated couple ordered to pay outstanding car debt

Court orders estranged couple to settle €6,535 outstanding bill for car bought while couple was still married

The Civil Court ordered a separating couple to pay debts over a vehicle they had purchased while still living together.

On 6 November 2013, Michael Attard Limited filed against Simon and Rita Bugeja, claiming the couple owed the company €8,035.21.

Simon Bugeja took the witness stand and explained he lives in Zebbug but his former wife left the residence four years ago.

Since November 2013, he made a number of payments but could not remember if it was more than €900. The witness confirmed that the couple were undergoing separation procedures.

“Three years ago I returned the log book and number plates of the vehicle to Michael Attard Ltd, but my wife never went to sign the log-book, keeping the company from becoming the legal owner of the vehicle. Prior to the suit, I had already paid around €15,000”, Bugeja said.

This was corroborated by the company’s financial controller Stefan Sacco. He confirmed that Bugeja had indeed paid €15,000, and a further €1,500 where paid during the court proceedings. The outstanding amount was reduced to €6,535.

Magistrate Consuello Scerri Herrera ruled that the outstanding sum of €6,535 should be paid by the couple. The court ordered both Simon and Rita Bugeja, to pay their outstanding debt together with interest incurred until the total amount is settled.

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