Man damages private property, granted bail

A man who damaged the residence of a person he had argued with is granted bail after pleading not guilty to the charges..

Leon Caruana, 31, of Birzebbugia, was granted bail after pleading not guilty to slightly injuring another man and damaging private property.

Prosecuting inspector Johann Fenech told the court how an argument ensued between Leon Caruana and a certain Anthony Portelli, also of Birzebbugia. Following the incident, the accused called at the victim’s residence, broke his windows and damaged the main door.

Caruana was charged with threatening, assaulting and slightly injuring Portelli, damaging his residence, harassing Portelli and Lisa van der Kaaden and causing them to fear violence would be used against them. He was also charged with damaging the property of Paul Attard of Safi.

The accused pleaded not guilty and requested bail.

Magistrate Consuello Scerri Herrera granted Caruana bail against a personal guarantee of €2,000. The court also placed the victims under a protection order.

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