Lawyer’s murder: four bullet-wounds in Chircop’s body

Carmel Chircop shot four times, autopsy reveals

Carmel Chircop
Carmel Chircop

The autopsy on the body of Carmel Chircop, who was murdered in a garage complex in Birkirkara, has resulted that the lawyer was shot at least four times.

The lawyer was shot and killed on John Borg Street in Birkirkara at 7:30am on Thursday. He had walked to the garage from his house.

From footage gleaned from three CCTV cameras in the neighbourhood, a ‘light-coloured’ vehicle was seen driving away from the crime scene, but the make of the car is not known. More witnesses are being summoned by the police.

The police also said it had investigated a death threat made against Chircop back in 2013.

Chircop was a former legal advisor to the Malta Maritime Authority, and in 2008 set up his own law firm – Chircop Advocates – which firm merged into Dingli & Dingli in 2013. Chircop also set up Quorum Corporate Services, which offers accounting services. The lawyer is also listed as a director at government's investment arm, MIMCOL.

He was locally known as the president of the Duke of Connaught band club.