Updated | Energy Minister sues Beppe Fenech Adami for libel

After the deputy leader was challenged to repeat comments made by Simon Busuttil in parliament, Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi instituted libel proceedings • PN calls on Mizzi to resign before dragging government down with him

Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi
Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi

Labour deputy leader Konrad Mizzi has sued his Nationalist counterpart after Beppe Fenech Adami was challenged to repeat comments by Opposition leader Simon Busuttil in parliament.

Mizzi and the Labour Party have been challenging Busuttil and PN MPs to repeat that Mizzi “was hiding big money in Panama” – a comment made by the PN leader in parliament. The government accused Busuttil of throwing the allegation, knowing that he was protected by parliamentary privilege.

The PN leader has retorted that, if felt aggravated, Mizzi can always raise a breach of privilege.

Whilst on TimesTalk yesterday evening, Fenech Adami – challenged by Mizzi - repeated some of the allegations made by Busuttil.

Now, the energy minister has filed for libel arguing that such discourse was slanderous.

“Beppe Fenech Adami now has all the opportunity to present the proof in parliament,” a statement from the Ministry for the Energy read.

“The only millions of euros are those which Busuttil’s firm earned in consultancies under the previous administration and the €1 million raked in by Ann Fenech’s law firm.”

The energy ministry noted that, whilst Mizzi has subjected himself to a tax audit, Fenech Adami has refused such an investigation into his wealth.

PN: 'Mizzi will drag government down with him'

In reaction, the PN said it looked forward to Mizzi's testimony in court and his explenation, under oath, on why he opened a company in Panama after becoming minister responsible for the country's biggest projects.

The PN added that Mizzi could file as many libel suits as he wanted but his only option was to resign "before dragging the Labour government down with him."

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