‘Don’t let me down’, magistrate tells man on bail for resisting arrest

The accused ran away after being told he was under arrest, hitting a police officer with his car as he drove off

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(File Photo)

A man on bail for a number of separate offences, who allegedly injured a police officer in a bid to escape yet another arrest, has denied charges.

Stephen Borg, 39, was summoned to the Paola police station over another case on Tuesday evening. He had run away after being told that he was going to be arrested, getting in his car and driving off, hitting a police officer with the car in the process and injuring the officer’s elbow.

“As soon as he was informed that he was under arrest, he flipped” said Inspector Hubert Cini as he charged the Birkirkara resident with committing an offence on the person of two police officers during the course of their duties, violently resisting arrest, negligently causing slight injury to a police constable, failing to obey legitimate police orders, dangerous driving and breaching bail.

The prosecution asked for the man's bail to be revoked and his €20,000 in accumulated bail bonds be confiscated.

Lawyers Mario Mifsud and Lennox Vella told magistrate Yana Micallef Stafrace that Borg, who has a colourful criminal record, was pleading not guilty to the charges

Bail was objected to by the police, as the man had injured an officer, although Inspector Cini conceded that the accused had apologised at the time and had gone to the police station to apologise again.

He had not cooperated with the police however. “Let us just say that he apologised and leave it at that,” added the inspector.

Borg, who is unemployed and had insufficient funds for a bail deposit, was released on bail on condition that he sign a bail book once a week and provide a €3000 personal guarantee.

As the man turned to leave, the magistrate called his name. “Don’t let me down,” she said.

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