Brazilian student admits to drug possession charges, conditionally discharged

31-year-old Eduardo Casucci Vieira was arrested yesterday and found to be in possession of ecstasy and cannabis

A Brazilian man has been conditionally discharged after admitting to drug possession charges.

31-year-old Eduardo Casucci Vieira, currently residing at a hostel in Paceville, was arrested yesterday and found to be in possession of five ecstasy pills and a small amount of cannabis. Before magistrate Josette Demicoli this morning, he was charged with simple possession of both drugs.

Inspector Trevor Micallef explained that the accused, who was clutching a holy picture during the sitting, came to Malta to study and was due to stay here till May.

Lawyer Christopher Chircop entered a guilty plea to the charges.

The court asked him to plead again, reminding him that the charges could lead to his imprisonment. The accused confirmed his guilty plea.

In view of his plea, the court found him guilty and conditionally discharged Casucci Vieira for three years, as well as ordering the destruction of the drugs.

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