17 months for phone theft and indecent acts

A man has been jailed for 17 months over the theft of a mobile phone, as well as for performing indecent acts in public

A court has jailed a man for 17 months over the theft of a mobile phone belonging to a woman in Swieqi and for performing indecent acts in public.

Osman Jarju from Gambia was accused of theft aggravated by means, time and amount from the woman when he robbed her of her Sony mobile phone on 4 December 2017 at around 3.00 a.m. in Triq Molletta, Swieqi.

He was also accused of committing an offence against decency or morals, in a public place and with being a recidivist.

In an unconnected case last December, Jarju had admitted to aggravated theft and cannabis possession.

Magistrate Doreen Clarke noted that the accused had admitted the charges brought against him and found him guilty. In its considerations on punishment, the court weighed the nature of the offences and his conviction sheet on one hand, against Jarju's cooperation with the police and his admission at an early stage of proceedings.

Jarju was sentenced to 17 months imprisonment.

Inspector Saviour Baldacchino prosecuted.

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