Assistant police commissioner resigns amid domestic violence accusations

The resignation comes after a report alleging that Mario Tonna’s partner filed a police report claiming he had head-butted her

Assistant Commissioner Mario Tonna
Assistant Commissioner Mario Tonna

Assistant Police Commissioner Mario Tonna has resigned his post following a report of domestic violence filed by his partner.

Tonna’s resignation has reportedly been accepted by the Police Commissioner.

According to a report that appeared in Nationalist Party newspaper in-Nazzjon this morning, Tonna’s partner had filed a police report after multiple incidents of domestic violence, including being “head-butted in the nose” by Tonna.  

The report also stated that Tonna was battling alcohol addiction, with police sources claiming that he was often under the influence.

Tonna was responsible for coordinating traffic in the country, as well as being responsible for the police garage and mechanical transport section.

In 2011, Tonna had been found guilty of intimidating and harassing one of his superiors.

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