Man admits to three hold-ups, denied bail

The man pleaded guilty to three hold-ups committed between June 16 and July 27

A 34-year-old man from Marsaskala was denied bail this morning after pleaded guilty to three hold-ups and holding people against their will, carrying a knife and relapsing.

The man was arraigned in court on Sunday for three hold-ups he committed between June 16 and July 27.

Defence lawyer Arthur Azzopardi requested a pre-sentencing report for the court to be given an indication of a suitable penalty.

Azzopardi said that while the man should be punished for the charges, his drug addiction and psychological problems should also be addressed. He also requested for bail and for a temporary supervision order for the accused to be assessed by a psychologist during procedures.

The court denied the request for bail, saying that the accused was not trustworthy, but accepted both requests and banned the publication of the accused’s name.

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