Man accused of injuring police denied bail

The Inspector told the court that the man's behaviour is 'dangerous' and should not be granted bail 

A man from St. Paul’s Bay has been remanded in custody after he was accused of slightly injuring two police officers investigating a disturbance which he was causing at a Marsa bar.

Police Inspector Wayne Camilleri charged 43-year-old Alan Grech with insulting or threatening two police officers in the line of duty, slightly injuring both of them, driving a motorcycle without a licence, insurance or road licence, disobeying police orders, breaching the peace and relapsing.

Inspector Camilleri explained to Magistrate Gabriella Vella how police had been called to a bar in Marsa yesterday morning, where they found the accused creating a disturbance.

“When he saw the police, he got a bit excited and didn’t cooperate,” said the Inspector. Officers had noted that he did not have a licence to drive the Honda bike he was using. When they attempted to arrest him, he resisted and slightly injured two officers, before eventually being handcuffed and taken to Hamrun police station.

Grech appeared in the dock with the knuckles of his right hand wrapped in a bandage, clutching silver-coloured rosary beads.

Asked what he pleaded, the accused shouted “not guilty!” Lawyer Joseph Brincat, defence counsel to the man, requested the court to release Grech on bail.

Grech had been in a relationship for 18 years from which he had children, explained the lawyer. The mother had recently died. “I knew her well and I was shocked, one can only imagine how it hit him.” The man was having trouble settling down again, said the lawyer, asking that Grech be examined by a doctor for injuries. The court upheld this request and appointed a medical expert to establish the nature and extent of injuries suffered by the accused.

Inspector Camilleri objected to bail, however, pointing out that the man had hurt two police officers, adding that he was a recidivist who had injured police in the past. “Apparently he has a problem when police go to speak to him and I feel his behaviour is dangerous,” the inspector said.

The Court decreed that it was not convinced at this stage that the accused would not commit another offence while on bail and remanded him in custody.