Thief with expensive tastes gets suspended sentence

The woman was charged with seven thefts, all but one of which, took place on 23 September

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

A woman has admitted to stealing perfumes and designer wear from a number of shopping outlets at Tigne Point in a day-long theft spree.

Simona-Corina Stefanidis, 42, from Romania, admitted her guilt before magistrate Caroline Farrugia Frendo, after being arraigned by Inspector Jonathan Ransley.

Stefanidis was charged with seven counts of theft, all but one of which took place on 23 September. The stolen perfumes alone were worth over €230, the court heard. Items of clothing were also stolen from Massimo Dutti, Oysko, Armani, Guess and Orsay outlets.

Lawyer Ishmael Psaila, appointed as legal aid to the accused, entered a guilty plea on her behalf. She confirmed the plea after being given time to reconsider. 

The court handed the woman a 14-month sentence, which it suspended for two years.