Deliveryman charged with theft

The man, who was a drug problem, was charged with stealing items from a farm earlier this week


A Gzira man has been charged with stealing a car and other items from a farm in Mgarr, earlier this week.

Delivery man Julian Bonnici, 20, was accused of theft aggravated by means, place and time. He was also accused of stealing a car and breaching bail which he had been given in January 2017.

Before magistrate Doreen Clarke, the man pleaded not guilty. His lawyer Franco Debono told the court that the accused has a drug problem and wanted to join a drug rehabilitation program.

Debono suggested probation as a means of preparing him for the program. Bail was requested.

The court granted bail and placed the man under a temporary supervision order.

He was ordered to sign a bail book daily and obey an 8pm curfew. "The probation officer will help you but one of the conditions of bail is that you start a drug rehabilitation program," said the court.

For bail, Bonnici was ordered to deposit €500 in the acts of the case and make a personal guarantee of €2000.

“Take this seriously or you’ll have big problems,” warned the magistrate.

Inspectors Mario Xiberras and Shawn Pawney prosecuted.