Man accused of theft and damage doesn’t know why he did it

Michael Spiteri was accused of stealing €60 and damaging a fuel pump 

Michael Spiteri, 32, from Zabbar has been accused of stealing €60 and damaging a fuel pump owned by Joseph Azzopardi, whose damage costs amounted to €575. 

The police arraigned Spiteri before magistrate Francesco Depasquale this morning, with the accused admitting all charges brought against him. 

Asked by the court why he performed such actions, Spiteri replied by saying that even he didn’t know why. 

Spiteri denied having a drug problem when asked by the court. 

Inspector Roderick Attard and legal aid Noel Bartolo both agreed that the sentence given to Spiteri should serve as a lesson, while also allowing him a chance to address his personal problems. 

The court handed Spiteri a one year sentence suspended for two years, a three-year probation period and ordered that the accused pay Joseph Azzopardi €575 within six months. 

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