Hugo Chetcuti murder: Compilation of evidence continues

Continuation of the compilation of evidence against Bojan Cmelik, accused with the murder of businessman Hugo Chetcuti

Bojan Cmelik is accused with the murder of Hugo Chetcuti
Bojan Cmelik is accused with the murder of Hugo Chetcuti

The case against Bojan Cmelik, the man accused with the murder of businessman Hugo Chetcuti, continues in court today.

Four doctors and three police constables are scheduled to take the witness stand.

Chetcuti, a well-known entrepreneur, died in hospital after having been stabbed by Cmelik, a Serbian national, in Paceville in July.

The Serb, who was a former employee at one of Chetcuti’s establishments, had been arrested in Sliema after a chase by the police.

Magistrate Marsanne Farrugia presides. Cmelik's defence is lawyer Ishmael Psaila as legal aid. Lawyer Joe Giglio is appearing parte civile for the victim's family. Inspector Nikolai Sant is prosecuting.

13:56 Babic's testimony has concluded. The case will continue on 23 January Paul Cocks
13:51 He exhibited his report to the court Paul Cocks
13:39 Babic said his department received a specimen of the small bowel. He is explaining how samples are taken and processed for a histological diagnosis to be made. Paul Cocks
13:35 Babic is a consultant pathologist who carried out an examination of a section of Chetcuti’s bowel Paul Cocks
13:34 This concludes Dr. Zammit's evidence, Dr. Darko Babic is next on the stand Paul Cocks
13:34 Cross-examined by Ishmael Psaila, Zammit said he recalled four perforations being sutured Paul Cocks
13:32 The patient, he said, was much more stable after the operation, and was transferred to ITU. Paul Cocks
13:31 The witness said he was standing next to Fenech and opposite Mosta Paul Cocks
13:30 Inspection happens before and after the washing out of the abdominal cavity, he said. Paul Cocks
13:30 Giglio asked why more help was required if bleeding was controlled. Dr Zammit said he helped in retraction and inspection of the internal organs. The actual inspection and repair of damage was carried out by the surgeon in charge. Paul Cocks
13:23 Dr Zammit is a basic surgical trainee, who assisted the surgical procedure on Chetcuti as the second assistant. "When I arrived Dr Mustapha and Mr Fenech had just controlled the bleeding. At the time I was there the bleeding was under control. Then we started with the washing." Matthew Vella
13:22 Dr Fenech says follow-ups are carried out during normal ward rounds. Witness cannot recall whether the last time he saw Chetcuti in the ITU it was as part of a follow up or whether he had been passing through. Cross-examined by Ishmael Psaila: "You told us that a drain was placed in the abdomen...during such interventions, how many medical personnel are involved?" "The main surgeon, Mr. Mustapha, myself and a surgical trainee." He could not recall who placed the drain in situ. This concludes the evidence of Dr Jeremy Fenech. Dr Stefan Zammit now takes the stand. Matthew Vella
13:15 Proceedings are in English. Matthew Vella
13:15 Cmelik can be seen smiling right now... Matthew Vella
13:14 Usually this is done several times. Then surgical drains are installed. In this case two were placed in Chetcuti's abdomen. Matthew Vella
13:12 Parte civile lawyer Joe Giglio is asking the questions to the witness, who now says that once bleeding is controlled, the abdomen is washed out with sterile saline solution to avoid contamination. The witness cannot recall who washed out the abdomen or how many times it was performed. Matthew Vella
13:08 At this juncture the court warned the witness that he could incriminate himself. There were four perforations in the small bowel, which were also sutured. Matthew Vella
13:05 After that is done, the next step is to see if any other bleeding. Matthew Vella
13:05 The trainee was in charge of suction of blood to allow the surgeon a clear view of the injured area of the bowel; the surgeon performed the suturing. Matthew Vella
13:03 The witness, surgical trainee Jeremy Fenech is the day's first witness. He was assisting surgeon Ayman Mostafa during surgery on Chetcuti. Matthew Vella
13:02 Welcome to our live-blog: a doctor is now explaining how a laparotomy takes place, referring to the treatment of Hugo Chetcuti. Matthew Vella

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