Court arraignments: denied bail over attempted murder of Paceville bouncer

46-year-old man held under arrest after being charged with the attempted murder of a Paceville bouncer

John Grima, 46, has been held under arrest for the attempted murder of a Paceville bouncer, the involuntary harm of a police official as well as for driving under the influence. 

The incident happened on Friday morning around 5:30am.

The accused was said to have reacted after getting kicked out of a Paceville nightclub by a foreign security officer, and proceeded to threaten the same bouncer.

A breathalyzer test showed that Grima was also driving under the influence. When stopped by police officials, Grima allegedly reversed onto a policeman, injuring him in the process. 

The court refused the defence’s request for bail and release from arrest.

Grima already has similar offences committed back in January 2015 and April 2007.

The prosecution was led by police inspector Leeroy Balzan Engerer.

Contraband cigarettes

LIbyan national Romedan Said Ali Tajha, 40, has been kept under arrest for allegedly selling contraband cigarettes.

The Libyan, who resides in Floriana, was allegedly caught selling the cigarettes on the 29th July and 11th April. 

Ali Tajha was allegedly found in the possession of six cartons of 200 cigarettes, as well as eight cartons of 20 cigarettes in each carton. 

A customs official testified on the case. 

The prosecution was led by Priscilla Caruana Lee.

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