Domestic cleaner to be deported after theft, drugs conviction

The court noted that the stolen items had been returned to their rightful owner and that the woman had cooperated fully with the police

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

A young domestic cleaner is expected to be deported to Serbia after she admitted to charges of attempting to steal from the woman who employed her, shoplifting and drug possession.

20 year-old Katarina Todorovic from Serbia was arraigned under arrest before magistrate Monica Vella this afternoon and accsued of attempted theft, theft, and cannabis possession.

The magistrate heard prosecuting inspector Leeroy Balzan Engerer explain how the accused, had allegedly attempted to steal from her employer on 21 May and had also shoplifted from a number of fashion outlets at the Baystreet shopping complex in St Julian’s.

Defence lawyer Roberto Montalto informed the court that his client wanted to plead guilty to the charges.

In his submissions on punishment, the lawyer said that the circumstances of the case, his client’s cooperation with the police and the fact that the stolen items had already been returned to their respective owners weighed in her favour.

The defence would not contest repatriation, he said, requesting that any prison sentence handed to the woman be suspended. 

Inspector Balzan Engerer added that the woman would be repatriated by tonight.

The court explained the implications of the charges to Todorovic, pointing out that they could result in a custodial sentence, and asked the woman whether she had understood this. The accused replied in the affirmative.

The court, noting that the items stolen had been returned to their rightful owner, sentenced the woman to a two-year prison sentence, suspended for four years due to her guilty plea, her collaboration with the police and the fact that the stolen items had been returned. 

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