Man admits to attempted theft from car

The man has been placed on probation after admitting he tried to steal items from a car in Qormi

A homeless man has been placed on probation after he admitted to trying to steal items from a car in Qormi.

34-year-old Eman Ebejer was arraigned before magistrate Gabriella Vella on Monday morning.

He was accused by Inspector Roderick Agius of attempted theft, aggravated by time and nature of the thing stolen. He was also charged with recidivism and with being in possession of suspicious items without a valid explanation whilst having a criminal record for theft.

Inspector Agius explained that on Saturday at 8pm police were informed that a Corradino Correctional Facility official was detaining a man who had entered into his neighbour’s car. It was an attempted theft because nothing was successfully stolen, he said.

Lawyer Christopher Chircop, legal aid to the accused, entered a guilty plea.

The court ruled that prison was not ideal in the circumstances and handed the man a three-year probation order.