Books sectioned from University of Malta's library's main collection

A list of books kept in cabinet and viewable upon request at the University of Malta library.

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This censorship is ridiculous, especially at a higher learning institution like the university. Just for comparison one should see if University of Cambridge, or Oxford take similar approaches. From what are we trying to protect people? Their own body? What is so wrong with the human body to hide it from oneself !!! If one studies the real situation there are things that should better be censored but are taken forgranted. E.g. extreme violence in films, killings and executions, wars and all the evil man invented to harm others!!! Just as a example take this goverment who gave its members of parliment a euro 600 rise per week whilst the middle class and lower class can barely make ends meet, BWSC contract. These are the real disgraces that should be censored!!! But no in malta we are filled with pious religious fakes and fanatics who cannot see anything except their own self imposed limitations. These people try to decide what is good for others but in their own hearts and minds they are greatly confused and sad. It seems in Malta people are still living in the past middle ages! It also seems that under the current Gonzi goverment many forms of censorship are being enforced blindly down people's throats. It was not so bad under the previous priminister!