AD pledges to uphold citizens' interests, not big business’

The green party said that both the Labour and Nationalist Parties had not taken proper action against fish farm operators

AD has called for an end to public beach encroachment and for the land to be given back to the public
AD has called for an end to public beach encroachment and for the land to be given back to the public

Alternattiva Demokratika (AD) - the Green Party - have slammed both the Nationalist and Labour Parties for holding the citizens' interests in contempt to preserve the support of business operators.

AD candidates Simon Galea and Luke Caruana, who are campaigning on the 12th electoral district, addressed a press conference in Bugibba this morning where they highlighted the fact that several beaches in the area have been contaminated by waste from tuna pens placed just offshore.

Flanked by AD Chairman Prof. Arnold Cassola and Secretary General Ralph Cassar, Galea said that no proper action had been taken by either the government or the relevant authorities to address the issue, leaving operators free to breach the law.

This, he said, was negatively impacting both local swimmers and the tourism sector in general. It was only through pressure exerted by individuals that the authorities were constrained to take action, added Galea. 

Moreover, Caruana raised the issue that he said had faded from public consciousness: that of public beach encroachment.

"Unfortunately, so many public beaches have been taken over throughout the years through both legal and illegal encroachments," Caruana said. "The coast should remain public and AD insists on beaches remaining public. All illegal developments should be demolished and the land returned to the public, case in point are the Armier illegal boathouses."

"AD has always been at the forefront in addressing issues which affect people's quality of life. Authorities are unfortunately more focused on trying to facilitate things for building speculators, tuna pen operators and big business to the detriment of residents and the common citizen," Prof. Cassola said. "Instead of wasting your vote by voting PN or PL and getting more of the same, Vote Green, Vote clean, "