PN promises animal wefare council, stricter laws and pet cemetery

Simon Busuttil says that a PN government will set up a national council on animal welfare to propose and help enforce legislation

Simon Busuttil said the use of hock collars will be abolished
Simon Busuttil said the use of hock collars will be abolished

A new Nationalist government will work closely with non-governmental organisations to promote animal welfare and will also set up a national council to help oversee enforcement of animal welfare laws, Opposition leader Simon Busuttil said this afternoon.

Speaking on Net Television, Busuttil vowed to promote and support animal sanctuaries, increase resources for the 1818 freephone number and help improve animal shelter facilities.

He said a PN government would also approve a pet cemetery and crematorium and introduce new schemes to help reduce the number of stray dogs and cats on the roads.

Busuttil said that the use of shock collars will be abolished by law, as will keeping pets tied on a leash for extended periods of time.

“We will also launch a process to remove from the market all poisons and pesticides that can cause harm to animals,” he said.

A new PN government would establish a national council on animal welfare, bringing together experts and representatives of voluntary organisations, to recommend possible amendments to existing legislation and to oversee enforcement.

“We also intend to strengthen legislation and authorities promoting animal welfare, coupled with a national education campaign on animal welfare and against animal cruelty,” Busuttil said.

The PN leader said stricter regulations would be introduced on the importation and ownership of exotic and wild animals.