[WATCH] Thousands of voting documents not yet collected, Muscat warns

Labour leader in Hamrun urges voters to collect their voting documents as he warns that ‘thousands of voting documents’ remain uncollected

Labour leader Joseph Muscat addresses mass rally in Hamrun (Photo: Chris Mangion/MediaToday)
Labour leader Joseph Muscat addresses mass rally in Hamrun (Photo: Chris Mangion/MediaToday)

Prime Minister and Labour leader Joseph Muscat has urged voters to collect their voting documents, warning that “thousands of voting documents” remain uncollected.

“Pass on the word and make sure to collect your voting documents,” Muscat said, adding that votes should be cast the earliest possible on 3 June.

Muscat was addressing a mass rally in Hamrun, at the Tar-Rabbat Housing Estate, where he drove home the message that people needed to get out to vote.

He also reassured those present that the Labour Party was against abortion: “We are in favour of helping people forming their own families.”

Muscat also urged those present to vote for the Labour Party.

“The coalition of confusion is no longer a laughing matter,” he said, referring to the PN-PD coalition. “Every day you need to take decisions and Simon Busuttil will end up spending every single day negotiating with Marlene Farrugia, asking for her permission.”

As he made his way through the crowd, towards the podium, the Labour leader was stopped multiple times to pose for photos with adoring fans and to sign flags and copies of books.

Photo: Chris Mangion/MediaToday
Photo: Chris Mangion/MediaToday

His address was aimed at informing the crowd present what they would benefit from if the Labour Party were re-elected to a second term. At the same time, he took aim at a number of proposals by the Nationalist Party, insisting that the PN would only be able to deliver the pledges if it increases utility bills, VAT and national insurance.

“So the choice is clear: it’s between Simon Busuttil and us… but you know where you stand with us. You know that we keep our word,” Muscat said, to chants of “Joseph! Joseph!” and loud clapping.

With Muscat increasing his visits in different localities, it became evident that even his followers have learned some of his catchphrases, at times finishing his sentences in one loud chant.

The Labour leader said that the Malta Files – the publication by the European Investigations Collaborations which includes MaltaToday – reveal nothing illegal.

Muscat said that he spent the morning reading foreign newspapers like l’Espresso, Der Spiegel and French journals which included reports “attacking” David Gonzi – the son of former prime minister Lawrence Gonzi – in connection with the information of Malta Files.

“I will defend Dr David Gonzi,” Muscat said, adding that defending Gonzi also meant “defending Malta”.

On Egrant inquiry, Muscat told the supporters “to expect falsified documents to be published any time now”.