Comodini Cachia chooses Brussels… new MP to relinquish seat

Nationalist MEP elected on eighth district has announced she will not become an MP, and stay in Brussels ‘to rebuild Malta’s reputation’

Therese Comodini Cachia… she ran for election in Malta and now wants to stay as an MEP
Therese Comodini Cachia… she ran for election in Malta and now wants to stay as an MEP

The weather sucks, but the salary does not. Therese Comodini Cachia is to stay in Brussels as MEP, after having won a seat in Malta’s general election on the eighth district with 4,244 votes on the 22nd count. She will relinquish the seat to stay on as an MEP, claiming her mission will be to rebuild Malta’s reputation abroad.

Comodini Cachia, a human rights lawyer, was elected in the European elections of 2014, but was also made shadow education minister by Simon Busuttil, despite not holding a parliamentary seat in Malta.

Although running for election in Malta, the MEP’s decision not to take up sojourn in Valletta will now allow a casual election that is likely to attract David Thake, Norman Vella, and Justin Schembri to throw in the hat in a bid for a seat.

“With deep regret but after careful consideration and discussion with my family, I have decided to relinquish the seat… This was a very short electoral campaign and people’s support and the trust shown in me is overwhelming,” Comodini Cachia said.

“I have continuously sought to reciprocate people’s trust by addressing national priorities and people’s concerns, both locally and within the European Parliament. This is what I intend to continue doing during the remaining part of my term as member of the European Parliament – strengthening the voice of each and every Maltese and Gozitan within the European Parliament.”

Comodini Cachia said that she was now committed to achieve the best possible results for Malta and to help to rebuild its reputation.

“Likewise, as I was there to support the Nationalist Party at its lowest point, I will continue to be available to assist the party in rebuilding itself.”