Robert Abela: Labour only party with credibility to fulfil electoral promises

Prime Minister Robert Abela says voters faced with the choice of ‘remaining in the past or looking to the future’

Prime Minister Robert Abela
Prime Minister Robert Abela

Prime Minister Robert Abela said Labour remains the only party in the country with the credibility to fulfil its electoral promises. 

Abela returned to Qormi on Monday for a mass rally held at St Francis Square, the place where he kick-started his leadership campaign back in 2019. 

“In the streets which surround this square, who knows how much I worked with you. Here I understood the values of family, and how beautiful it is to remain humble,” he told supporters. 

A number of Labour ministers, MPs and candidates were present for the event. 

The PM said recent years have shown the Labour Party fulfils its electoral promises, and has the courage to bring about a “positive change in the country.” 

Speaking on the party’s proposals for more green spaces, Abela said the pledge fits with the PL’s vision for better physical and mental health in the country. 

“As we kept our word on infrastructure and roads, we will keep our promise on open spaces. We have a clear plan for a better quality of life,” he told supporters. “With us you know where you stand.” 

He said the voters’ will choose between “looking to the future or remaining in the past.”

“With us you know where you stand, and what we achieved till now is only the beginning,” Abela said. 

He also called on voters to lend him their trust, so that he becomes the first PM to lower corporate tax for businesses. “If you give me your trust I will be the first Labour Prime Minister to lower tax for businesses, because we know they will use their savings to create more wealth for the country and their employees.”

He also touched on the party’s pledge to make medicines on the government formulary free for pensioners. “Others left you without medicines, we will leave you with no medicine bills.” 

“We are still the only party that inspires, and this campaign will show everyone can make their dreams come true,” Abela said.