Il-Kandidat: Clint Camilleri

Clint Camilleri is a Labour candidate on the 13th district

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When and why did you decide to be active in politics?

I come from a politically active family, with my grandfather, the late Anglu Camilleri, being a Member of Parliament. My late father also served in the Qala Local Council where, later on, I served as a mayor of the same locality. So I can say that politics is part of my DNA.

But more than the simple fact that from an early age I was exposed to politics, I think what really attracts me to politics is my convinction that through politics I can be of help to others. Being in politics means having a direct say in policies and in the implementation of initiatives that will  improve the life of others.

What were the reasons that made you choose one political formation from another?

I see the Labour Party as my natural home, as I share the same values the party does – to give equal opportunities to all and alleviate those in lower classes of society. Throughout the last years, since the Labour Party was entrusted with government, I witnessed this transformation as the government assisted, in various ways and means, those who really needed the most and presented equal opportunities, through the introduction of new laws and initiatives, that until a few years ago were regarded off limits.

What inspires you in politics?

Politics in Malta has different shades. As politicians, we are involved in a lot of things ranging from taking decisions at a national level to implementing projects, from legislating to listening to issues that impact the life of ordinary people. This is what really inspires me. To be able to listen and act on peoples’ needs.

How are you conducting your election campaign?

While social media is playing a crucial role in this day and age, I still prefer to keep close contact with my constituents. It is them that I represent, therefore my actions need to be inspired by them. Therefore, throughout the campaign, I decided to do house visits around all of Gozo. I firmly believe that this method way helps you understand better today’s realities.  Being given the time to listen and speak to people is a privilege to me.

I entered politics to try to improve people’s lives. To better their quality of life. This can be achieved if we listen to their needs.

What in your view are people’s concerns at the moment?

Concerns vary from one individual to another, from one situation to another. Realities in Gozo are different from that of Malta. Connectivity remains an issue, even though much improvement has been done, I firmly believe that we can achieve more. Not being Gozitan, may be it is difficult to understand this reality, but it is something that Gozitans have to face.

A further concern in my view is that although the standard of living in Gozo has improved drastically over the years, Gozo still lacks certain infrastructural projects, especially the quality of  the existing road network.

What are your personal expectations in the next general election?

I hope that people appreciate this administration’s efforts in general and my own efforts over the past two years. The last years were very challenging having to face some unprecedented situations and yet we can still boast of many positive results.  .