Il-Kandidat: Dario Vella

Dario Vella is a Labour candidate on the 10th, 12th districts

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When and why did you decide to be active in politics?

Since childhood I have always dreamed of giving back to the community. My day finally came in 2013 when the party invited me to be part of a great team of candidates for the local council’s election in Mellieha. I was very excited. I had the support of many, that gave me more energy and beliefs. That experience started my journey into politics. I am fortunate to have started in politics at such young age.

What were the reasons that made you choose one political formation from another?

The Labour party was always close to people of all ages, gender, and social well-being. In the last few years, more rights were given to the people, such as voting at the age of 16. Being a an active Labour member does not mean that I do not listen to the opinion of others in politics. We may have different views, but we are Maltese and considering the importance of sharing respect and peace amongst our people, I made the right choice of choosing the Labour Party.

What inspires you in politics?

People reaching out to me and being close to them by listening to their ideas, concerns, and situations they end up with, drives me to new challenges every day. It is not an easy position being mayor of Mellieha, so I know very well what this entails. There are times where people are thankful, and at times where even if I try my best, still fail to achieve for various reasons. The need for more information and direct communication is my priority. I am young and still have a long road ahead to contribute for everyone.

How are you conducting your election campaign?

Let me just say that we are handling the strategy a bit different to how it was conducted in the past elections. The pandemic brought new ways to interact with people such as social media. It is easier and faster to get to meet the community through video-calls at these times due to social distancing. It made it safer and more personal for the people to communicate from different areas in a more comfortable setting.

What in your view are people’s concerns at the moment?

War in Ukraine! It always hurts me to read and watch media reports of civilians getting killed because of political conflicts. Our country is united against this kind of inhumanity. We are part of the world we live in, and it could affect our future.  We should be grateful that a country like ours has politicans and leaders preaching about the importance of keeping peace with our neighbouring countries.

What are your personal expectations in the next general election?

This is my first time participating in a general election. So far, I am enjoying every moment and learning as I go. Every day I am growing in experience and this is all thanks to the great team that came to help me during this campaign. My thanks also goes to other candidates whom I wish them all the best throughout the coming weeks. At the end, we all have one aim... a Labour government!