Il-Kandidat: Jonathan Attard

Jonathan Attard is a Labour candidate on the 4th, 12th districts

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When and why did you decide to be active in politics?

Although a simple question, it is not an easy one to answer. I never actually took a conscious decision to be active in politics. Politics has been a part of all my life, however, I really started being formally active from the age of 21 when I joined the Labour Party media in the role of journalist with One TV.

What were the reasons that made you choose one political formation from another?

The Labour Party ideals and principles are very similar to those I hold close at heart. I hail from a hardworking family that managed to give me and my siblings a bright future thanks to the social policies implemented by various Labour administrations throughout the years. In fact, the PL has a strong track record in the implementation of social measures. It has undoubtedely proven that it delivers on its promises to create a more inclusive society. However, the PL has also proven that it is also sensitive towards the needs of the business community and it is clearly aware that business and society at large complement each other. One cannot exist without the other. Having this all encompassing view of society and how it works is what gives the PL an edge over other political parties. 

What inspires you in politics?

When you have been volunteering in the PL as long as I have, it is natural that you would want to give back and contribute to the party that has been such an important aspect of your life. The best I can do in appreciation of what the PL has done for my country is to contribute my time, energy and experience to my country through my direct contribution to Maltese politics. I have been lucky enough to be part of the PL both in good times and bad times. I have worked closely with some truly inspiring politicians. All this inspired me to contest this year’s election.

How are you conducting your election campaign?

Politics is about leaving behind a better Malta than the one passed on to us by our forefathers. Politics must keep the needs of the people at its core. This requires us to continuously meet our constituents, hear them out, discuss with them and on the basis of that, devise policies which address the probelms and needs of our people. This is what I have been doing. I have spent most of my time meeting and listening to my constituents. With the knowledge I have managed to gain through these meetings, I will be well equipped to create policy which really matters, should my constiuents entrust me with their vote and the resulting political responsibility.

What in your view are people’s concerns at the moment?

Politics is about people, their needs and how we respond to those needs in a responsible, positive and proactive manner. The main concerns of people today are quality of life, and being able to give our children a brighter future. The electoral manifesto presented by the PL addresses both of these elements. Providing a better environment for our people and for our children to grow up in and to give our citizens more value and a better quality of life are our priorities.

What are your personal expectations in the next general election?

Of course I hope that all the energy I have been putting into politics will bear its fruit. I believe that I have much more to contribute both to the PL as well as to our country. I look forward to being entrusted with the responsiblity of representing my constituents and the PL in Parliament, to create policy and make sure that it is implemented, for the ultimate benefit of each and every citizen of our islands.