Party propaganda weekly roundup: PN’s thirst for power and the Prime Minister’s excuses

This week’s propaganda roundup as Malta heads into the final week of the campaign  

The country is entering into the last week of the 2022 general election campaign, and party propaganda is all over our social media profiles.

The Labour Party hammered hard on the PN’s split, reminding people on the party’s ‘blue heroes’ – the 17 rebels who had publicly called for former leader Adrian Delia’s ousting.

It also picked on the PN’s “thirst for power”, with both videos carrying the tag line “tirriskjax!” (don’t risk it), notably narrated by an actorly baritone to underscore the ominousness of a Nationalist return to power.

 In a poster uploaded on Facebook, the PL called out the PN’s manifesto for coming with “terms and conditions”.

The PN on the other hand asks people whether they want “five more years of arrogance”.

In another video, the PN created a compilation of Labour government scandals with the video ‘150 scandals in nine years’.

The PN closed off its week by reminding people of the scandals Prime Minister Robert Abela was involved in, with the video ‘Prim Ministru tal-Kumbinazzjonijiet’.