Gozo will reach carbon neutrality before Malta, Abela pledges

Prime Minister Robert Abela insists not voting gives the PN a seal of approval  

Robert Abela in Xaghra, Gozo on Monday evening
Robert Abela in Xaghra, Gozo on Monday evening

Prime Minister Robert Abela has said Gozo will be carbon neutral before Malta.

“Our pledges for a better environment go hand in hand with out promises for a better quality of life,” he told supporters at a Labour event in Xaghra, Gozo.

He said government has already set the ambitious target of making Gozo carbon neutral before Malta, saying all energy for the island will come from renewable sources.

“But everything rests on credibility. In the same way we were credible on infrastructural projects, in the same way we strengthened the economy and jobs, our focus will be on this new priority,” he said.

Mentioning a number of projects carried out in Gozo under a Labour government, Abela said the island was never second priority to Malta.

“Look at economic growth for example. Gozo’s is in line with that of Malta, highlighting government’s commitment to the island,” he said.

He also mentioned the €30,000 grant to those purchasing a property in an urban conservation area in Gozo, saying a Labour government wants to incentivise people to buy property which is already in stock, rather than infringe on virgin land.

The Labour leader said the party wants to make Gozo the first island to have a fully electric public transport fleet. “We want Gozo to be at the centre of the digital and electronic transformation of the archipelago.”

Abela was asked why government wants to continue giving people benefits if the economy is doing so well.

“The benefits of a strong economy must be translated into investment, and the best investment is in people,” he said.

The PM also reiterated previous statements that people should “go out and vote”.

“Next Saturday we will be deciding on the country’s future. We will either choose to propell the country into the future, or go back to the past. Staying home, is a vote for the PN,” he said.

He also said he understands there might be some people who might feel disapointed with government, but insisted tehy reach out to him or other PL candidates.

“We had a pandemic, and we were fully concentrated on it, and yes there might have been shortcomings from our end, but not voting is not a solution,” he insisted. “Let’s solev your problems together.”

During the event, Labour MEP Alex Agius Saliba made a fiery interventon, telling those present how government “pumped” people with cheques and vouchers, while a PN government had even withdrawn children’s allowance for couples who both work.

“I also know there are a lot of hunting enthusiasts present here today. Don’t forget it was the PL who stood up for you, it was the PL who restored faith in your hobby,” he said.