Top public posts require parliamentary scrutiny – Alternattiva Demokratika

Greens say parliamentary scrutiny of regulators and chairpersons and top officials will be norm with AD seat.

Green Party chairperson Michael Briguglio said top public posts for judges and chairmen on the boards of regulators will be subject to parliamentary public scrutiny to ensure they are selected on the basis of merit, if AD is elected to parliament.

"AD will ensure that meritocracy is mainstreamed in the public sector. Those selected should be experienced and qualified, and their loyalty should be towards legislation and policies, and not towards the partisan whims of a minister," Briguglio said.

Malta has been rocked by two corruption scandals in the past months - the first concerning the alleged bribery of a sitting judge, and this week with charges filed against a former chairman of the state utility Enemalta.

"The judiciary should be nominated by the President subject to confirmation by Parliament whilst members of public boards and authorities as well as the senior

officials of such authorities should be scrutinised by parliament either directly or through its committees in order to ascertain that persons nominated can truly serve the country and not the political interests of the political party in government," AD deputy chairman Carmel Cacopardo said.

"Parliament should moreover be in a position to monitor the functions of boards and authorities on a continuous basis and should seek explanations from public authority boards and senior executives on their method of operation. Parliament should ensure that whenever the operations of any public authority are scutinised by the Ombudsman his recommendations and their implementation should be discussed by Parliament."

Cacopardo said parliament should reclaim back from government its role of overseeer of the governance of public institutions. Unfortunately over the years a two-party Parliament has siphoned off Parliament's responsibilities and assigned them to a government made out of just one political party.

"AD in Parliament will ensure that parliament reclaims back its functions and holds government to account continuously."