MTA chairman Gavin Gulia to run for bye-election

Gavin Gulia, Emanuel Micallef, and Simon Saliba submit nomination for sixth district casual election.

Gavin Gulia
Gavin Gulia

A former Labour MP and two candidates have submitted their nomination for the bye-election on the sixth district, for the seat vacated by Marie Louise Coleiro Preca.

Gavin Gulia, currently chairman of the Malta Tourism Authority, Simon Saliba and Emanuel Micallef, formerly head of news of One TV, submitted their nomination.

The other contender is Charles Mangion, currently chairman of Enemalta Corporation.

Gulia received 150 votes on the sixth district and 1,343 votes on the seventh district. He was formerly elected on the sixth district by casual election following the vacation of the seat by Charles Mangion, who formerly used to carry both districts.

Mangion polled 1,930 first-count votes in 2013, while Coleiro Preca improved her vote count with 6,106 first-count votes. In 2008, Mangion was elected with 3,845 votes, coming in second after Coleiro Preca, who was instantly elected with 5,490 votes.