Stefano Mallia supports one MEP seat reserved for Gozo

'If there is ever a proposal to have one MEP seat reserved for Gozo, I would fully support it,' says MEP hopeful Stefano Mallia.

During a conference organised by the association of NGOs in Gozo, PN candidate Stefano Mallia said he supported the idea of one MEP seat reserved for Gozo.

Mallia said that if there ever were such a proposal, he would fully support it.

“I say this in view of Gozo’s particular economic and social dimension that needs to be acknowledged and catered for.”

Mallia said that if one seat is specifically allocated to Gozo, the country would be sending a powerful political message to the people of Gozo as well as to Europe itself.

“Gozo is a region in its own right that has circumstances that need to be addressed specifically with specific actions,” he said.

He said a vision for Gozo must be developed to give the sister island’s a clear specific direction for the next five years.

“This is especially important for the young people of Gozo who today don’t know in which direction the island is going,” Mallia said.

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