EPP set to hold March congress in Malta

The European People’s Party approves delegates who will be coming to Malta in March for an EPP congress

The European People's Party will be holding a congress in Malta
The European People's Party will be holding a congress in Malta

On invitation of Opposition leader Simon Busuttil, the European People’s Party – the PN’s umbrella group in the European Parliament – will be meeting in Malta at the end of March for a two-day congress.

During a political assembly held in Brussells, the EPP approved the number of delegates which each member party will send as representatives to the EPP congress, being held on 29 and 30 March.

According to the Nationalist Party, the 765 approved delegates represents the highest number of participants to ever take part in a EPP congress. The member parties will also be inviting some 495 additional guests.

“Together with a good number of journalists, some 1,300 participants will be travelling to Malta for this congress,” Busuttil said.

The congress will see the participation of EPP leaders, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, a number of European Commissioners, opposition leaders, members of the European parliament and political leaders members of the EPP.

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