David Casa gets top post on European Social Fund

PN MEP David Casa will now be the the lead rapporteur on the European Social Fund

PN MEP David Casa
PN MEP David Casa

Nationalist Party MEP David Casa is to be the lead negotiator on the European Social Fund.

This followed Casa's election into an administrative office within the European Parliament that won him the chair as third queastor, responsible for administrative and financial matters. He is also a member of the European Parliament Bureau.

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“I am honoured to have been entrusted with this important role. The European Social Fund is a tool that has huge implications and can deliver incredible results that can positively impact the lives of European citizens. I am confident that I can contribute to improving the way this fund is used,” Casa said.

The ESF is Europe’s main tool for promoting employment and social inclusion – helping people get a job, or a better job, integrating disadvantaged people into society and ensuring fairer life opportunities for all.