MEP Alex Agius Saliba welcomes harmonisation of electronic device chargers

Within two years' time, all manufacturers will be required to utilise a USB-C charging point

Maltese MEP Alex Agius Saliba
Maltese MEP Alex Agius Saliba

Maltese MEP Alex Agius Saliba welcomed the adoption of the European Commission’s legislative proposal for a single charger for all electronic devices.

This will be adopted within two years, after which all manufacturers will be required to utilise a USB-C charging point and make software protocol for fast charging, interoperable between different brands.

"I welcome the Commission's proposal […] Until now, the transition to a common charger was left to the goodwill and self-regulation of private companies and US tech giants. Needless to say, this is no longer acceptable." said Agius Saliba.

The European Parliament had voted in favour of this resolution, which was led by MEP Alex Agius Saliba.

He said that this is an important step against e-waste and consumer inconvenience, and will further help re-use old electronics, save money, and reduce unnecessary costs to the consumer and the environment.

Data estimates, around 50 million metric tons of e-waste is generated globally per year, with an average of more than 6 kg per person. The total e-waste generation in Europe in 2016 was 12.3 million metric tons, corresponding to 16.6 kg on average per inhabitant.

Agius Saliba remarked that the transition period of 24 months, from the date of adoption will give the industry enough time to prepare and take the necessary steps.

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