The PN is more than a one-issue party | Roselyn Borg Knight

There is more to the forthcoming European elections than corruption and the rule of law. PN candidate ROSELYN BORG KNIGHT on why she chose to contest in the first place, and why the campaign needs to move beyond a single-issue focus

Roselyn Borg-Knight
Roselyn Borg-Knight

When you contested the last (your first) general election in 2017, you said in an interview that you wanted to ‘give your contribution to the party’ after the heavy defeat of 2013. The PN went on to suffer a heavier defeat in that election, and polls indicate that it is still struggling to regroup. What do you think led the Nationalist Party to its current predicament?

I think there are a number of factors involved. I do not believe there is a single reason. The situation has to be viewed in its context: there was a background leading up to those elections. The PN had, up to a point, lost touch with the people; and things like that do not happen overnight. They happen over a period of time. I think another, more recent factor, is that in the last election – which I was part of myself – we very much focused on one issue. As much as that one issue – corruption – is still relevant today… we are not a ‘one-issue party’. We need to talk about different issues; and we need to reach out to different sectors of society, from youths, to pensioners, to everything in between. So it hurts me a lot to hear people saying they believe the problem started ‘only now’. The problem is not ‘only now’… it is something that has a past; something we need to look into and address, if we are to move forward.

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