Husband pens moving note to Miriam Pace, three weeks after deadly building collapse claimed her life

Three weeks since Miriam Pace died in a house collapse, her husband Carmel says his ‘only relief is that she is taking care of the family from Heaven’

Miriam and Carmel Pace
Miriam and Carmel Pace

“Even when I am in the car alone, I speak to you about our children and the present situation in our country.”

These are the words, Carmel Pace has penned in a moving Facebook post addressed to his wife Miriam, who was killed when their house collapsed three weeks ago.

“I am still seeing you near me everywhere, even still calling your name and wait in futile to answer me back,” Carmel wrote.

Carmel Pace's note to his wife
Carmel Pace's note to his wife

The family of four was devastated when the family home in Hamrun collapsed as a result of excavation works in an adjacent construction site.

At the time of the collapse, Miriam was inside the home, preparing dinner. She had just ended a phone conversation with her husband.

Her lifeless body was found almost eight hours later buried underneath the rubble.

In a note to his wife in Heaven, Carmel tells her that his “only relief” is that Miriam is “taking care of us from Heaven”.

“During the first week of my bereavement, a friend told me that ‘... I am not praying FOR her, because I am praying TO her’... and that's what I am doing. Love you Mir,” Carmel ended his note.

Police investigations into the collapse are ongoing. Several people linked to the adjacent construction site have been arrested and released on police bail but no charges have been pressed so far.

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