Coronavirus: No positive cases yet at government homes for the elderly

Family Minister Michael Falzon says no cases of coronavirus have so far been registered at state-run homes for the elderly and those where government buys beds

The St Vincent de Paul residence houses 1,100 elderly people
The St Vincent de Paul residence houses 1,100 elderly people

A coronavirus case involving a woman living in a home for the elderly reported yesterday did not involve a resident at any of the government-run homes, the Family Minister said.

Michael Falzon also added that no positive cases were registered in facilities run by the private sector where the State buys beds.

The government runs St Vincent de Paul residence, which houses 1,100 people, and another eight homes. However, it also buys beds in private facilities. There are more than 3,000 beds across all these facilities in which government is involved.

Falzon made the point this morning while addressing a press conference on the social benefits introduced to address economic hardship caused by Covid-19.

Falzon said that until 11am on Wednesday no cases of coronavirus were registered at any of the state facilities or those where the government buys beds.

The health authorities yesterday did not indicate at which home for the elderly the woman resided.

“I have been inundated by phone calls of concern but I want to make it clear that until 11am this morning, just before coming to this press conference, none of the residents at government homes, including St Vincent de Paul, were infected with coronavirus,” Falzon said.

The case recorded yesterday was the first of a resident at a home for the elderly.

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