[WATCH] Car scrappage scheme and grants for cleaner vehicles unveiled

People scrapping their car for a less polluting one, are eligible for up to €900 from a €3.5 million package to encourage people to shift to cleaner vehicles

Grants for the replacement of cars with cleaner vehicles total €3.5 million
Grants for the replacement of cars with cleaner vehicles total €3.5 million

Motorists who want to change their car for a less polluting vehicle can now make use of €3.5 million in cash grants, the government has allocated to boost cleaner travel.

Transport Minister Ian Borg unveiled four new schemes to encourage the use of less polluting and more efficient vehicles. The schemes are available to anyone who purchased a vehicle from 1 January 2020.

Car owners who scrap their vehicle in order to switch to a less polluting car, will be eligible to up to €900. A total of €1.8 million have been allocated for this scheme.

Individuals who make the switch to a new electric car, pedelec or bike, can benefit from a grant ranging between €400 to €7,000.

Refitting one’s personal vehicle to run on LPG fuel or autogas, are eligible for €200.

Privately owned transport companies who choose to modify their vehicles to accommodate wheelchair users will be eligible for a €10,000 grant for every vehicle.

The transport minister welcomed the new scheme, stating that while these measures alone will not reach all the government’s objectives for the transport sector, they are a step in the right direction.

“The transport strategy we are implementing for our country, does not only address today’s challenges, but looks to provide sustainability which works hand in hand with conserving nature,” he said.

He concluded by calling on people to keep in mind sustainability when thinking of making the switch to newer vehicles. 

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