PM avoiding parliament to evade opposition questioning, Delia says

Opposition leader Adrian Delia says prime minister failing to provide information on ongoing issues

Prime Minister Robert Abela is avoiding parliament to evade the opposition’s questioning, Adrian Delia said in parliament on Wednesday.

Speaking during a debate on the Occupational Health and Safety Authority, the Opposition leader called out the PM for refusing to provide information over the involvement of politicians in criminal activity, developments in the deal with Steward Healthcare and his visit to Libya.

The only place where Abela feels comfortable talking is on the Labour Party’s media, according to Delia.

The PN leader said he is still awaiting answers over the PM’s visit to Libya, and the riots at the Marsa open centre on Tuesday.

He also referred to Melvin Theuma’s testimony on Monday, when former economy minister and current Labour deputy leader for party affairs Chris Cardona was linked to the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

“Robert Abela should have come to parliament and spoke of the issue. In any other country it would have led to resignations,” he said.

He also voiced medical constituted bodies’ concern over the lifting of restrictions. He called on advice given to the PM during the pandemic to be published.

Delia also hit out at the PM over comments made on Sunday in which he suggested amnesty is given to those who broke COVID-19 regulation.

“The proposal is an insult to all the people who obeyed the law, and the forces who made sure that regulation is adhered to,” Delia said.