Marsovin releases first Méthode Traditionnelle Brut Rosé

Marsovin has produced for the first time in Maltese history a Méthode Traditionelle Brut Rosé sparkling wine using the indigenous grape variety ġellewża and selected chardonnay grapes

101 Brut Rose is a sparkling wine made by Marsovin
101 Brut Rose is a sparkling wine made by Marsovin

Marsovin has produced a special edition Méthode Traditionelle Brut Rosé sparkling wine, the first in Maltese history.

This special edition wine has been named, 101 Brut Rosé, representing the number of years since the winery was first established.

The wine was produced from a blend of Malta’s indigenous grape variety Ġellewża and selected Chardonnay grapes.

“As a Maltese wine producer, we are proud of the result achieved, especially since it is a first for Maltese winemaking history. In fact, because we are so proud of the result we have decided to label the wine as a special edition wine. The name 101 represents the number of years of the family’s winemaking history,” Jeremy Cassar from Marsovin said.

101 Brut Rosé was made using the traditional sparkling rosé winemaking method used in other regions around Europe such as Champagne, Cava, Franciacorta and Trentino.

After the first fermentation of the grape juice a process known as the assemblage takes place, this is the careful blending of the different base wines to form a cuvée which gives the desired aromas and character of the wine before undergoing secondary fermentation and further ageing in the bottle.

The Méthode Traditionelle is a rigorous and intense process which entails at least 12 months wine maturing on the yeast lees in the bottle prior to disgorgement.  The wine is said to have a refreshing natural sparkle, with a complex elegant bouquet.

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