Ta’ Cenc hotelier Victor Borg passes away at 75

Gozitan hotelier who was pioneer of high-quality hospitality and sanguine promoter of controversial expansion plans at Sannat

Victor Borg at a 2007 Planning Authority public hearing
Victor Borg at a 2007 Planning Authority public hearing

The Gozitan hotelier Victor J. Borg, of the Ta’ Cenc and Cornucopia hotels, has passed away. He was 75.

Described as a pioneer of the tourism industry in Gozo, Borg ran various hotels but was synonymous with the rural spa hotel at Ta’ Cenc, which boasted one of the more magnificent settings on the island.

His memory was saluted by both the Nationalist Party and Labour Party.

Borg’s latter years were marked by the conflict between his hotel development and environmental and residents’ movements who opposed his plans for a heritage park, a multi-ownership hotel and villas. Borg always insisted that he was best placed to curate the private land, which he owned, despite the public outcry.

The Ta’ Ċenċ saga dominated Borg’s other business affairs, with various proposals being presented since 1996 which included the initial proposal of a golf course. A 2006 petition raised by Din l-Art Ħelwa against the proposed development at Ta’ Ċenċ was signed by 10,000 people and tabled in Parliament by two MPS, one from the government side and one from the Opposition, both of whom had signed the petition.

His daughter Monica had long declared she wanted to continue in her father’s footsteps, in a 2012 interview. “My main task is not only to continue with his good work, but also to improve where necessary, and to meet the present-day challenges and expectations. When I started, I thought he used to expect quite a lot from me, always saying I should lead by example. But nowadays, I look forward to meeting him and discussing any matters arising every morning at my office… I hope that when the time is ripe for us to relieve my father of the business, it will be done gradually and under his guidance.”

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