Nadur residents who risk losing their homes lodge cautions over Navarra land registration

Nadur residents have put the Lands Authority on notice after the Stagno Navarra family filed a formal registration for land in the locality

After an application by the Stagno Navarra family to register Nadur land under their title, residents have been filing cautions with the Lands Authority in the hopes of challenging the registration.

Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship Alex Muscat revealed this during today's parliamentary questions session. 

Responding to a question put forward by Kevin Cutajar, Muscat confirmed that while the ministry has no competence to remove this registration, residents have been filing cautions in objection to the application. 

A caution, filed through the Lands Registration Agency, allows residents to file formal objections to registrations so long as the person lodging the caution has a right or interest in the property.

Earlier in March, residents in Nadur were confronted by lawyers on behalf of the Stagno Navarra family, claiming that their property belongs to the family.

It wasn't until September of this year that the landowners filed a request to the government to register their 17th century fiefdom title, covering a total of 18,500sq.m of land in Nadur.

The Stagno Navarra family have been eyeing the land since 1992, claiming that their direct lineage to the Navarra fief allows for the formal registration of the land under their name.

Dubbing it a "premature decision", Alex Muscat admitted that he was not happy with the way the registration took place and assumed that the Lands Registry would not accept the application. 

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