[WATCH] COVID-19 Update: 96 new cases and four added deaths announced during briefing

COVID-19 update for 27 November | 96 new cases, 132 recoveries • 2,076 active cases • Swab tests past 24 hours 3,049 • Cases still being investigated | Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci to brief public on COVID-19 

Public health superintendent Charmaine Gauci
Public health superintendent Charmaine Gauci
COVID-19 - Media Briefing - 27-11-2020

COVID-19 - Media Briefing - 27-11-2020

Posted by saħħa on Friday, November 27, 2020

Malta has registered 96 new cases in the past 24 hours, along with 132 recoveries. 

This is the second time this week that daily cases have dipped below 100.

The average number of cases per day currently stands at 121. So far, 7,165  persons have recovered from the virus.

A total of 194 persons are being treated in various hospitals around Malta. There are 20 patients being treated in Mater Dei's ITU, five of which are recovered, and another 10 are being kept in the Infectious Diseases Unit. A further 38 are being kept among other Mater Dei wards.

OFFICIAL COVID-19 figures for 27•11•2020 Chris Fearne | MaltaGov | Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate

Posted by saħħa on Friday, November 27, 2020

Mater Dei aside, 22 patients are being treated at Boffa Hospital, and 18 at St. Thomas Hospital. Nine patients are receiving treatment at akrin Grech Hospital, and six patients are being treated at Gozo General Hospital, one of which is receiving treatment in the ITU.

71 patients are being treated in the new Good Samaritan facility. 

Family and workplace clusters remain the primary contributors to the spread of the virus, followed by social gatherings and imported cases. 

All airports in Portugal and the UK have been added to Malta's amber list, including all airports in Italy bar Sicily and Sardinia.

More deaths registered

Gauci announced a further four deaths, after four patients died of the virus overnight.

An 85-year-old woman who tested positive on November 13 died on Thursday while a 73 year-old-man tested positive on November 20 and died earlier today. Another 72-year-old man tested positive on November 22 and died on Friday. An 81-year-old man who tested positive on November 26 also died on Friday.

Elderly home clusters

Seven elderly homes are seeing increasing numbers of cases. Gauci noted, however, that the numbers aren't increasing as rapidly as the previous outbreak at St Joseph Home, largely because immediate action is taken to isolate positive patients and put direct contacts into quarantine.

Regular testing of staff and residents is being carried out among elderly homes. In elderly homes with increasing spread, more regular testing is conducted in order to identify positive cases.

Good Samaritan Hospital

Speaking on the growing criticism mounting regarding the Good Samaritan Hospital Gauci said that regular checks were being conducted and that a check had taken place this week. She said that beds were two meters apart unlike what had been reported by concerned family members. Gauci said that health authorities are in communication with the hospital to ensure better communication between the health care provider and families of patients.

"We are also urging the unit to ensure better contact with the relatives especially through digital means," Gauci said.

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COVID fatigue

Gauci said COVID fatigue is happening globally, possibly because people don’t understand the importance of preventive measures. 

She encouraged people to help each other and keep each other safe this Christmas by not meeting up in large groups for Christmas lunches. She added that she also will be doing so.

"Health guidelines are clear that you should not be mixing households," she said, explaining that this behaviour could expose families to further risk. "When you invite people from other households over from Christmas lunch, with everyone removing their masks, the preventive measures aren't there and the risks are higher."

A better flu season

While the influenza season would usually be in full swing around this time of year, Gauci said that medical professionals of so far not seen the number of flu cases that would normally be present at this time of year. 

She added that this was likely due to COVID-19 measures, such as masks, good hand hygiene, and other measures in place. 

A batch of 100,000 seasonal influenza vaccines had been administered last month to elderly people, young children, and people with chronic conditions. After a delay in the arrival of a second batch, the free flu vaccination service will resume next Sunday.

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