Busy Bee ‘Ottijiet’ recalled due to sesame seeds contaminated with pesticide

Environmental Health Directorate recalls two products containing sesame seeds due to possible contamination with a pesticide containing Ethylene oxide

The Environmental Health Directorate has recalled two products, including the famous ‘Ottijiet’ produced by Busy Bee, due to possible contamination with a pesticide containing Ethylene oxide.

The ‘Ottijiet’ and a second product called ‘Croccante con Sesamo’, produced by Crownfield, use sesame seeds sourced from India, which are possibly contaminated with a pesticide.

‘Ottijiet’ with expiry dates between 3 December 2020 and 24 March 2021, with lot numbers OTT768 and OTT804, and ‘Croccante con Seasmo’ with expiry dates till the end of December 2021 and lot numbers L201019 u L201021 have been recalled. 

Last week, several popular sesame products were also recalled due to the same pesticide contamination linked to India.

A third non-related product, a slotted spoon, was also recalled due to the fact that during the manufacturing process the product may have been exposed to primary aromatic amines (PAA) which are harmful chemical substances. Especially if they come into contact with food.

The barcode of the slotted spoon is EAN 4326470445032. 

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