Qormi council unanimously opposes proposed Mrieħel bypass junction flyover project

Qormi local councillors unanimously approve resolution calling on Infrastructure Malta to revisit flyover plans which would take up agricultural land the size of three football pitches

Cultivated land in Mrieħel will be taken over by the project
Cultivated land in Mrieħel will be taken over by the project

The Qormi council has called on Infrastructure Malta to close down a dangerous junction in the Mrieħel bypass, rather than build a flyover which in turn would take up agricultural land.

Environmental NGO Moviment Graffitti had last week revealed plans by Infrastructure Malta (IM) to create a flyover structure to ensure safer access to and from the Mrieħel industrial estate onto the bypass. However, the flyover project would also be taking up agricultural land equivalent to the size of three football pitches.

IM defended its plans, stating the new flyover would remove dangers brought about when traffic coming from the Southern area of the country, crosses the bypass to enter the Tal-Blat area.

Waqt il-laqgħa li ġiet imsejjħa b'urġenza mis-Sindku Josef Masini Vento, aktar kmieni llum, il-Kunsill b'mod unanimu...

Posted by Kunsill Lokali Ħal Qormi on Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Having met with the roads’ authority, the Qormi local council still decided to unanimously oppose the project, urging IM to drop their plans. The resolution was presented by Mayor Josef Masini Vento and was backed by all councillors.

The council stressed on the importance of agricultural land, in an increasingly industrialized and commercial locality.

It acknowledged the dangers of having vehicular traffic crossing the bypass, insisting the existing junction should be closed. Those looking to access the Tal-Blat and Mrieħel area, should use Mill Street, Cannon Road or Fleur-de-Lys routes, it said.

A separate cycle lane and pedestrian path should also be built without the need to take up agricultural land, the council said.

Moviment Graffitti, the MaYa foundation, Rota have all supported the council’s position.

Ghadni kif tkellimt f' laqgha tal-Kunsill Lokali dwar il-progett tal-bridge tal-Mriehel. Qerda ta' raba Qormija li...

Posted by Clyde Puli on Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Nationalist MP Clyde Puli also spoke against the proposed road plans. The project found opposition from former prime minister Alfred Sant and president emeritus Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.

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