Cybercriminals launch DDOS attack on Melita to extort money

Internet provider Melita suffers cyberattack leading to slowdown in internet connection across the country 

A cyber-attack on internet provider Melita has resulted in a nation-wide bandwidth slowdown. 

In a Facebook post, the provider informed its customers that its internet services are being disrupted due to a DDOS attacks by cybercriminals. 

A Melita spokesperson said the company is currently implementing mitigation measures to counter and resolve the threat. 

Our Internet Services are being disrupted due to a DDOS attack by cybercriminals. We are implementing mitigation...

Posted by Melita on Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The perpetrators behind the attacks looked to extort money from the company. 

Melita assured customers that no systems were penetrated or breached. 

“Cyberattacks of this nature, are increasingly common and Melita invests substantially in cybersecurity to ensure service continuity and to protect customer information. The impact of such cyberattacks is being largely mitigated thanks to these extensive cybersecurity measures,” he said. 

Melita is reporting all threats and incidents to the relevant authorities.

A number of localities, households and business have reported the slowdown in their internet connection.