Robert Abela threatens Jason Azzopardi with ‘serious story’ in wake of frame-up allegation

Prime Minister hits back after Nationalist MP alleges that he was complicit in a 2013 frame-up involving a top level tax official

Prime Minister Robert Abela said that a “serious story” will soon be revealed about Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi, who yesterday implicated Abela in a 2013 frame-up.

Abela said that Azzopardi’s claims in parliament were an attempt to deflect attention from a serious problem that he will soon face.

“In the next hours, he will face a serious problem,” Abela told journalists on Wednesday without elaborating.

“Azzopardi knows that there is a serious story coming out about him in the next hours, and what he did yesterday was a condemnable attempt to deviate attention away from him," the Prime Minister said.

On Tuesday, Azzopardi alleged in parliament that Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar had a tax official arrested and interrogated in the hopes of getting him to resign.

The alleged victim was at one point legally represented by Robert Abela, then still not a Labour MP.

Cutajar has since denied these claims, saying that the allegations are “far from the truth”.

On the other hand, Azzopardi pointed out that neither Cutajar nor Abela have denied the claims outright, and added that he is unaware of any stories coming out about him.

“The fact that he is threatening an Opposition MP in this desperate way indicates a very immature and insecure PM and shows that the truth is not on his side,” the MP said.

“The job of a serious Prime Minister is not to invent stories about an Opposition MP and leaking them, but to ensure that the criminals sitting at his Cabinet table face the justice they deserve,” Azzopardi said.