Non-EU remote workers now ‘nomads’ with €300 Malta one-year residence

Business owners and remote workers in Malta get nomad residence permit

Who gets to be a legitimate ‘economic migrant’ in Malta?

If you are the owner of a company conducting business activity, a remote worker, or you are a freelancer offering consulting services to international clients, the doors of the Maltese islands are open for so-called digital nomads.

The country that sells citizenship to the global elite for €1.1 million, is now giving non-EU nationals a one-year residence permit – dubbed the ‘nomad residence permit’ – to work remotely in Malta for €300.

“This initiative will see Malta jump on the bandwagon of increased demand for remote working globally, as the pandemic shifted goalposts and new trends are being set. Individuals who can work remotely using technology and entrepreneurs with a flair for travelling and discovering new countries and cultures are being made welcome in Malta,” parliamentary secretary for citizenship Alex Muscat said.

Muscat boasted of Malta’s mild climate, English-speaking workforce, rich history and excellent healthcare, and explained the rationale behind the new residence permit for itinenerat non-EU nationals seeking easy access to the eurozone: “The new Nomad Residence Permit is yet another initiative taken to attract foreign consumption in Malta.”

Battered by the COVID-19 pandemic and now fearing a summer in which irregular immigration from Libya could place renewed stress on army rescue services, the CEO of Residency Malta, Charles Mizzi, struck a chipper note about ‘nomads’.

“If there are any lessons learnt from the pandemic is that people are willing to move more than ever before,” Mizzi said. “Early to recognise the signs, Residency Malta has launched this new permit that allows digital nomads to come to Malta and work here, while enjoying all the perks that Malta offers foreigners. The process is simple and we promise an efficient service that discerning nomads expect.” 

Anton Sevasta, CEO of Identity Malta Agency said: “The new visa service to nomad applicants is part of the new Premium Visa Service which Identity Malta Agency will be launching in the coming weeks. The service is a door-to-door option intended for highly skilled professionals in order to streamline the process without compromising the due diligence process.”